In all honesty, black & white is not only a style trend for both fashion and décor, it's a timeless and classic color combination that never goes out of style - but its popularity ebbs and flows like the tide. Continuing its strength in popularity, black and white style was a strong trend seen on the red carpet for the 2014 Golden Globes, and will continue to grow in popularity this Spring. From graphic prints & stripes to cozy & chic lounge-wear to the prep style, I'm a firm believer in being inspired from magazines (or now Pinterest) and shopping secondhand stores such as thrift, vintage and consignment to get the look for less on the latest trends. Black & White has been long been a personal style favorite of mine, I've used both in my home décor and in my wardrobe, which makes it super easy to shop my closet first to find and mix key pieces - and if I see I'm missing something I'd like to try (like pleats this Spring!), that's when I'll hit the thrift shop or consignment stores to hunt down the look for less. Here are some of my tips + thrift finds and my home restyle in black & white...

Spring / Summer Consignment finds from My Sisters Closet (last year) - This year, I'm on the hunt for pleated palazzo pants to pair with my stripe sleeveless sweater...

Perfect little prep sweater - Similar to the one below from Ralph Lauren (probably my favorite designer of all time)

Harper's Bazaar Styleboard - 2014 Spring Trend inspiration
Also see "How to Wear the Spring Trends Now" at Harper's Bazaar.

Thrift Tip: When thrifting for trend finds, still stay true to your own personal style...

Thrift Tip: Pile in the cart your finds, but be sure to also try them on to check their fit on you - If it's only going to hang in your closet, it's not really a find...

Perfect Prep Style find from thrift: a polka-dot circle skirt!
(similar but different from the one I wore as Jeff's Caddy Girl this past July)

 Harper's Bazaar Styleboard + Tips
My thrift tip: Transitional Trend Style can take from Winter to Spring

Besides getting all preppy with black & white for Spring, it's fun to hunt for and mix patterns in a wardrobe - just as I do in our home...

Our living room is a mix of thrift & home store finds (especially HomeGoods!), collected over time...

ReStyle Tip: Even if you're renting or live in a small space, have fun with pattern scale: Here I mixed a menswear houndstooth throw + a tribal trend pillow... Express your personal style...

Personal style for fashion & decor really do go hand in hand - and with back & white it's really easy to evolve your style in both...

LOVE these B&W print palazzo pants - Perfect to even wear now with a black turtle neck & boots...

 Golden Globes fashion to decor...

Mixed InStyle fashion + Traditional Home interiors

 Whatever the trend is - just always stay true to who you are and... shop thrift!

For additional inspiration + tips on shopping thrift see my previous posts:

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  1. Wow...you scored on some great items...love the black and white look.

  2. Excellent post, Lynda! I haven't visited your blog in awhile and I totally forgot about our shared love for thrifting. I'll be sure to visit more often. You are so very talented! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. OK I THINK WE ARE SEPARATED AT BIRTH!! You know I am all things black and white....and all of those thrifted pieces are fabulous!!

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